As a Private Limited Company we have a Board of Directors.

The role of the directors as the business owners is to oversee the management of the business from a distance, relying on the Board of Governance to support and quality assure the operational directives of the college and its staff. Directors look to steer the strategic vision of the college, to mitigate the risk, to evaluate the overall running of the college, to ensure the company remains financially stable and to ensure the overall delivery of the quality of education results in positive outcomes for all learners.

Our Directors:

Geraldine Kelly – Chair of Board of Directors

Paul Reeves – Vice Chair of Board of Directors

Melanie Atkin – Responsible for Leadership and Management

Dennis Atkin -Responsible for Safeguarding and Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare

All Directors have been in post and active on the Board at The Ridge Employability College from the date of opening in September 2016.