At the Ridge our aim is to teach learners the skills to prepare them for everyday life and life after The Ridge. Our learners aspire to engage in local communities and experience the world of work.

How do we do this?

We incorporate careers into every session. The Ridge provides learners with a bespoke curriculum offer that includes classroom and practical sessions focusing on the world of work.

Our curriculum offers a variety of options that aim to develop various skills and qualities, allowing our learners to experience unique opportunities and create their own pathways towards their career goals.

The Ridge Careers Team work with the local labor market developing links with employers. Local businesses engage with the college and work in partnership to provide learners with exposure to the work place and all that is entailed in an external work placement.

External work placements.

Our external work placements are developed by the Ridge with the support of local businesses to provide a hands on experience in the community in a range of industries.

The Ridge learners below are demonstrating their transferable skills and qualities from what they have learnt during their time at the college and how they contribute to the local labor market. We would like to thank on behalf of the college all business owners and industries that support our learners in achieving our aims and objectives: