Learner Voice

Learner Voice 

The college encourages learners to take part in regular meetings to listen and express their views on a range of topics. The topics can be various, specific to college life, the wider community and the local labour market.

Learners are engaged in a process of nominations at the start of each term to represent ‘learner voice’ where they share the views of all learners and consult with Team Ridge and Governors.

The college completes annually a review of ‘learner views’ to consider what we do well and what we could do better.

Next Learner Voice meetings are as follows:

8th December 2023

Learners will be represented by: Dylan, Emily, Rachel, Jake and Laura.


Learner annual survey


Most recent learner survey which is completed annual said:

January 2023

96% of learners surveyed said their study programme met their needs.

96% of learners said that their college prepares them for their future.

96% of learners said they would recommend our college to their friends.

100% of learners said they felt staff treated them fairly.

Our learners gave us some helpful comments on how to improve the College and we listened.
‘I would like to do more singing and dancing at college as part of an employability option’ –  BB – Access to the Cast Theatre was incorporated into our After College Club Schedule from September 2022 and has continued in 2023.

Our learners said –
‘It is good, we all get on together, learners and staff.’ – DL 

‘I enjoy coming to college and being around my friends’ – JS

‘I enjoyed all of the college residentials this year’ – TT

‘I am glad to be back at college and working in the cafe’ – TG