Travel Training




The Ridge Travel Training programme is delivered by qualified and skilled members of staff.   The programme has been developed and is adapted to ensure it is suitable for all learners to access.   

It provides the opportunity for young people to build their confidence and skills.  This can lead to greater opportunities in communities, expanding social networks, building self-esteem and helps to remove barriers to mobility. 

This empowers the learners to access employment opportunities and travel independently and safely around their networks.

The travel training programme is underpinned with recognised qualifications to support the learner’s knowledge around road safety, problem solving, safer strangers, planning a journey and modes of transport.

The programme is delivered in consultation with learners, parents and carers.  It runs alongside other aspects of the curriculum where staff continue assessing learners on their skills whilst out in the community.   These skills include the use of effective communication, use of a mobile phone, problem solving, analytical skills and their growing independence.