Duke of Edinburgh

The Ridge Employability College is an approved Duke of Edinburgh centre.

The Duke of Edinburgh (D of E) programme can have a huge impact on all young people.  The award is fully inclusive to learners (candidates) with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). It gives our learners the opportunity to push personal boundaries and gain new skills. 

Learners participating in the D of E sessions gain valuable skills including resilience, problem solving and the building of self-confidence. The skills gained during these sessions support employability links by giving learners a sense of achievement, pride, good team working skills and excellent self-discipline. All of these play a vital role in the work place. Gaining the D of E qualification will also enhance the learner’s CV as the award is highly respected and recognised by employers.

The college delivers D of E at bronze, silver and gold level. The D of E team consists of experienced, qualified staff who are confident in delivering all aspects of the qualification. There are four sections within the D of E qualification, to secure the award they include;

Skills – Learners will be supported to identify a new skill for each award. They will be encouraged to learn and practise the skill identified.

Physical – Learners will participate in a range of activities to improve their overall fitness.

Volunteering – Learners will participate in volunteering activities which are chosen in consultation with staff.

Expedition – Learners will be supported in preparing and participating in camping expeditions, completing different challenges along the way.

A learner’s success in the completion of the awards are celebrated annually. In the event learners are successful at securing the Gold award this will involve a celebration with their family in either London or Edinburgh where the award is presented by a representative of the Royal family on behalf of HRH Prince Philip.