Welcome to The Ridge Employability College


Our college seeks to enable all learners to make the very best of their skills, abilities and interests and prepare for a world of work and self-sufficiency to the best level they can achieve. The majority of our learners operate between Entry Level 1 and Level 1, but we view all applications on the basis of how can we help you to progress and succeed. Our focus is on readiness for work, but we know that is underpinned by giving you:

  • Employability skills (including an emphasis on work placements)
  • Independence (including travel training) and life skills
  • A focus on healthy living and raising self esteem (all our learners get the opportunity to participate in physical activities and creative opportunities)
  • Individualised support and a timetable based on your needs, preferences and an initial assessment

The curriculum and wider curriculum are designed to build skills and qualities which will enhance self- esteem and well-being.  Our staff are highly skilled in working with young people who have learning difficulties and disabilities and they offer a high level of personal support to both learners and their families. We run regular events to encourage and enable families to attend college; from the more formal ECHP reviews to the informal, race nights, bingo and quiz nights. We celebrate your success with a summer event to which your family and friends are invited. We believe we have a successful and inspirational model, which serves the needs of young people . We are proving that barriers to learning and employment CAN be overcome. We partnered with another local authority in 2018/19 to help them set up a “Ridge College” of their own, such has been the popularity of the college in Doncaster.