When students graduate from The Ridge Employability College we are still around to provide help, guidance and support. Any of our alumni can contact the College on 01302 897445 and speak to Sharon McCusker or contact us via direct messaging. If we cannot respond to your question immediately we will respond to you once the direct messaging service is live.

Our Alumni

The following graduates went on to positive destinations:

Chad R.

Jag S. 

Darren C. 

Luke D. 

Brandon H. 

Adam H. 

Jordan L. 

Jordan Lk. 

Jessica D. 

Lauren W. 

Luke G. 

Tom M. 

Joshua E. 

Brandon H.

Sophie S. 

Jamie D. 

The College wish all of our graduates continued success when they leave us.

This means they have been successful in completing their course at the College and gained the necessary skills to achieve their individual objectives and have secured a position in either the voluntary sector or in paid employment.