Functional Skills

Functional skills are practical skills in mathematics, English and ICT.   They are delivered practically in the community and in classroom settings.  The Ridge currently delivers functional skills in maths and English from pre-entry and offers qualifications from entry level upwards.

All learners participate in a diagnostic assessment when joining the Ridge and the results from this along with prior achievements will help identify the level each learner is working at to support their ongoing learning.

Delivering maths and English in the community and in a classroom setting means learning takes place in a practical and meaningful way that can be applied to everyday tasks.  Skills can be developed that can be used in settings such as shopping, eating out, using money and developing the concept of time in real situations.  These are important skills and play a vital role in helping learners to become independent members of society.   These skills are valued by employers and are a platform for building further employability skills within a workforce.